Women's Conference

June 2020

"Lucifer, Satan, Accuser
The many names that have marked our souls as we lived a life of deception.
You have seduced the greatest of us to fall into your recession.
Lies, lust, pride and greed blind us to your attacks.
You have dragged our name through the mud and tell us we can never go back.
You have twisted the only truth this world could every know,
You left us blind, deaf and mute to the healing words of El Shalom.
Let a notice me nailed to your front door


Listen to what I have to say
You who were once the hunter, has now become my prey
With lips that were so persuasive and cunning,
Don’t you worry, I’ll give you a minute, start running
I have read your future and heard the trumpet blown,
You no longer have authority, Satan, you have been dethroned
Does the fire in my eyes remind you of someone?
He has anointed me to tear down strongholds, so that’s it, we won
Why do you even try anymore?
Your lies and games are starting to get old!
I grow tired of your presence in my life, my family and my friends
But this is where you’re over played story ends
So pay attention to see what’s in store
I declare to you- This means war

 Tremble when my feet hit the ground
Because when I come with His Holy Fire, it will take you down
Jesus is at the threshold
Do you hear what he is saying? “This means WAR”
I’m taking back everything you have stolen before
So hear me now, this means war! "

    Welcome to the battle field of the here and now. As we began to pray into the vision of 2020's Women's conference, the Lord revealed the urgency of women to arise into the position God has designed us for. Our very nature is meant to protect and to war for those who cannot fight the battle themselves. This is also meant for our personal lives, our battles we face in the secret will be our weapons for the public fight! Just like King David fought the lion and the bear while protecting his sheep, God was preparing him for the public battle of a lifetime, Goliath. Maybe you feel like you have been fighting and struggling your whole life. I am here to tell you that these battles are now our strategy and weapons for the warfare that we are facing today. We encourage you to come to both days if possible to get the full battle plan that God is speaking into us today! 

JUNE 5th- 6th  

Conference Schedule:

      Friday Pre-Conference

6:00 pm- Registration/ open prayer room

7:00 pm- Pre-Conference "The Battle Within"

      Saturday Conference

8-9:00 am- Registration/ Breakfast

9:00 am-4:00 pm- This Means War Conference

Please Register Below: You may pay at the conference or Mail in your registration fee to 

LIFE Church 520 Nazarene Rd. Jacksonville IL 62650

​Memo: 2020 Women's Conference