Making Room

LIFE Church Presents

It's Christmas Eve in the Johnson home! As Susan prepares for a special visit from her high-strung mother-in-law, her husband Tom is less than helpful. Things begin to get a little crazy as several other relatives show up without notice! From a snobby, hypochondriac cousin, to a sister who was recently let out of prison, the Johnson's quickly get overwhelmed with family drama. Just when they thought when their house couldn't get anymore crowded, one last unexpected visitor shows up leaving Susan on the verge of an emotional breakdown. What was suppose to be a nice, quiet Christmas quickly turns into a chaotic mess. However, when Susan is reminded of what Christmas is truly about, things begin to change. She realizes that no matter how crowded things in life may be, Christmas is about making room in your heart for the one thing we all need most, Jesus Christ. 

Play Times:

Saturday December 14th at 4pm

Sunday December 15th at 6pm

​Admission is FREE