He spends part of his time as a university professor and He has planted churches and ministries overseas and in the US, including several large churches. He is a dynamic speaker and has taught extensively around the world in conferences, churches, universities, gatherings, & post-graduate seminars and symposiums. He is the author of published articles, teaching series, and Leading Team Projects, one of the twelve volumes of the Foundations for Emerging Leaders Series in Leadership Training International's Leadership Training System. His work has been published into many languages, and is used in universities, seminaries, and ministry training schools throughout the world. He enjoys spending time with his family, living in Colorado, flying airplanes & gliders, playing guitar, reading, writing, running, music, and traveling. His passion in life is to love God, walk with Him, and cultivate others to do the same.

LIFE Church is excited to have Dr. Rod Mills host an afternoon conference on Sunday October 20th. We welcome anyone to join us as we hear the heart of Dr. Mills in "First thing in the Kingdom" and other very good leadership training through out the afternoon.

Admission is FREE

Sessions begin at 2pm and estimated closing around 6pm

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Rod Mills 

          Rod Mills has served as a pastor, church planter, military chaplain, university professor, author, and teacher. He serves as the Senior Leader & Minister for AeroNova. He and his wife Beth have been married more than 30 years, with five grown children and a rapidly growing number of  grandchildren.  Rod holds undergraduate degrees in communications technology and in business. He is also a Beazley Scholar, holding master's degrees in divinity and in leadership and management. He holds a doctorate degree in ministry and leadership.